Best Mobile Network Infrastructure

Huawei for Huawei 5G Ready Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Radio Family

The judges said – “An impressive step forward for this vendor. It takes the single RAN concept into the 5G era bringing significant capex and opex savings to its mobile operator partners.

Huawei’s UWB family of products protects existing network investments and reduces TCO by improving existing site capacities; enhancing spectral efficiency; combining a wide range of spectrum bands; and maximizing existing mobile network infrastructure. Huawei’s UWB family has been commercially deployed by over 390 operators in 160+ countries, including China, Finland, Japan, Kuwait, Thailand, Turkey, and the UK. The product suite is 5G-ready in both hardware and architecture, and can accommodate 5G with NR deployment smoothly and fast. It saves MNOs deploying 5G time and money by letting them reuse current sites and existing antenna and radio units.