Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets

Huawei for RuralStar Connectivity Solution

The judges said – “Low power with a choice of sources, low TCO, easy to install with minimal site preparation, new battery technology and security features, this ticks all the emerging markets benefits boxes.”

Huawei RuralStar Connectivity Solution is an innovative site solution that solves issues in transmission, infrastructure, base station design, and energy consumption. RuralStar serves the needs of the unconnected for voice and data services and increases operator ROI for rural network deployment in emerging markets. It enables 2G / 3G / 4G rural MBB networks, providing cell coverage of 5 km and data-rates of over 10 Mbit/s at cell edges and can enable extended 2G / 3G coverage to a maximum distance of 60 km from the nearest tower-mounted site, providing voice and data services of over 1 Mbit/s at cell edges. RuralStar has been commercially deployed globally, including in Algeria, Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria,  and Thailand. RuralStar’s mobile network coverage boosts local economic development and improves the lives of its local users.