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Get ready to learn and be inspired by recognisable names from our industry. Join the world’s most successful leaders, innovators and boundary-breaking pioneers at Connected Impact.

*Anne Boden, Founder & CEO, Starling Bank*

Anne Boden, Founder & CEO, Starling Bank

Telling the story of Starling Bank, Anne Boden told The Guardian “It’s crazy, I just started my own bank”. Anne Boden took innovation to heart and raised the necessary funding and created the technology behind Starling, an entirely digital and online banking experience. At an event where we often highlight not only entrepreneurship, but impact through innovation Anne embodies the spirit of creation with connectivity and digital technology at its heart.

*Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM*

Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM

IBM is one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, and under new leadership, is gearing up for the cloud era. Traditionally an infrastructure vendor, IBM has countless times shifted their resources to meet modern demand and services, and the cloud is their next big bet.

*Xu Ziyang, Executive Director & President, ZTE*

Xu Ziyang, Executive Director & President, ZTE

In a complicated geopolitical environment, ZTE continues to provide crucial and ground-breaking technological breakthroughs that are driving 5G and future-network deployment and readiness around the globe.

*Pekka Lundmark, President & CEO, Nokia*

Pekka Lundmark, President & CEO, Nokia

Pekka joins Nokia following an interesting few years for the Finnish vendor. A big bet on 5G is at play, and Nokia have been picking up contracts with the likes of DT, A1 Austria, Telia and many others. Pekka’s leadership has brought in a new era at Nokia focused on services such as cloud, managed services, hardware and more.

*Shuky Sheffer, CEO, Amdocs*

Shuky Sheffer, CEO, Amdocs

Few companies have positioned themselves as strongly in the cloud services field as Amdocs under Shuky’s leadership. Their well-established partnership with AWS and others, and the recent acquisition of Openet, has placed Amdocs at a crucial position within the telecommunications ecosystem. 2021 is set to be a pivotal year for the company, and MWC21 Barcelona will host their keynote speech outlining their vision.