Ventura Barba

Ventura Barba


Partner and Executive Director


Advanced Music SL


Advanced Music SL -the company behind the Sónar festival and Sónar+D- partner and executive director. From 2009-2014 Ventura was founder and president of the Tenzing Media business development- consulting firm, specializing in the field of creative industries. Ventura worked at Yahoo! from January 2000 until 2009. He was General Counsel for Yahoo! Spain until 2002, and from June 2003 to June 2007 was Director of Yahoo! Music International Legal and Business Affairs. In June 2007 he was promoted to of Yahoo! Music’s General Manager for Europe and Canada. Previously, he worked for Ventura BMG Music Spain and Portugal as the Legal Department and Business Affairs Director, for both the registration and publication departments. Before this, he worked as a lawyer at the Enrich Law Firm, where he headed the New Technologies and entertainment department. He also worked at the Sociedad General for Spanish Authors (SGAE) and in the film industry in Los Angeles (CA).

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