Stuart Revell

Stuart Revell






Stuart Revell is the Founder and Managing Director of RTACS Ltd, a business and technology consultancy company, formed in 2007. Prior to forming RTACS Ltd, Stuart worked with Freescale Semiconductors, Motorola and Compair Industrial.
Stuart started his career as an Electronics Design Engineer and has spent over 35 years in the technology industry with experience in electronics and ICT R&D; ranging from Industrial Systems through to complex ICT, Mobile and Consumer solutions and has managed international teams covering both commercial and technical disciplines.
Stuart is currently working with the 5GIC University of Surrey on 5G Research and Development projects, external engagement, strategy and adoption of 5G across multiple sectors.
Stuart’s passion is to grow the UK technology industry through innovation, encouraging increased investment into the sector, fostering collaboration to stimulate world leading R&D and chairs several industry initiatives connected to multiple sectors and the adjacent industries that increasingly rely on advanced Mobile technology systems and solutions.

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