Stephen Kaufman

Stephen Kaufman


Chief Product Officer at Blue Software - an Esko's Company


Esko’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) for Brands, Stephen Kaufman is an industry-recognized thought leader and visionary in Digital Asset Management, B2B Workflow Software Enterprise Integrations. He has worked with many of the world’s largest brands such as Coca-Cola and Unilever to help secure their most precious visual brand assets. Stephen also has competencies in consumer product security, and IT audit practices, open-source compliance, Saas Hosting, and Public/Private Cloud hosting.

His work in the highly-regulated Pharma and medical device industries has also provide him with a unique perspective as it relates to security, authentication, and e-commerce.

Kaufman often works alongside both CMOs and CIOs at companies across different verticals, allowing him a deep understanding of cybersecurity, blockchain, and enterprise data management. As the former CPO of BLUE Software (now owned by Esko), and CTO of SGK, and VP of Information Technology (Schawk Inc.) Kaufman’s passion and expertise surrounding technology has been apparent throughout his 20+ year career.

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