Nishith Tripathi

Nishith Tripathi


5G Prime at Award Solutions


leading all the 5G initiatives


With over 21 years in the industry, Dr. Tripathi has been at the forefront of emerging wireless technologies. He has co-authored the cellular industry’s first-ever multimedia eBook on 5G to be released in Spring 2019, as well as a textbook on Cellular Communications that is used at leading universities worldwide. As Principal Consultant at Award Solutions, Dr. Tripathi has developed and delivered training to the world’s best networks, bringing a wealth of expertise in 5G, LTE-Advanced Pro (LTE-M/Cat-M, NB-IoT, LAA), LTE-Advanced, LTE, Radio and Core Networks, IMS, and RF Engineering. He has also pioneered work on applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cellular networks (Handoff using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Ph.D., Virginia Tech). His articles and presentations have been published in the Scientific American, EE Times University, as well as to the FCC NPRMs.


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