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Menny is an internationally known cyber security expert and evangelist of innovation. He is a strategic adviser to leading enterprises around the world, as well as States and Governments and sits in the advisory board of several startup companies.

Menny is frequently invited to speak at conferences and prestigious events worldwide and his publications are featured in renowned computer magazines, and he regularly appears in the media.

Menny is a co-founder of ALiCE, an AI Cyber Security Startup, co-founder at FortyTwo Global, Cyber Security Professional Services (Israel), and co-founder at FortyTwo R&D Labs (India). Additionally, he is the CTO of the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at the Tel-Aviv University.

Menny is a former CISO in the intelligence services of the Israeli Defense Forces (Capt. Res.), and worked at the leading Israeli banking group in various positions including the head of the IT Audit Department.

He is a member of the International Cyber Security Conference organizers team, and co-founded both the Israeli hacking challenge and B-SIDES TLV. Menny also leads an esteemed community of Israeli cyber security experts and he is a member of the ISACA Cyber Security Subcommittee.

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