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Keynote 6: Diversity - An Economic Driver | Tuesday 25th, February | 12:15 - 13:15

With a Law School Degree from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1998, Barcelona) I am a Lawyer and a Mediator (2015) with a Workshop in Mediation in Intellectual Property (2014, WIPO Geneva) and a Learning to Grow Program (2013, IESE Business School).
I am currently a solo lawyer who professionally acts as a conflict solver and an advisor on complexity for companies: I have developed my career as a legal advisor and attorney to cultural companies (publishers, producers, foundations, associations) and artists and authors as well as technological start-ups. I am currently combining this professional activity with entrepreneurship in the LegalTech where I develop digital tools to help the business world build more sustainable, ethical and efficient practices.
As a founder partner of BCN RESOL ODR SOLUTIONS, S.L (www.bcnresol.com) (2016), I have created and launched two apps which serve as whistleblowing channels for schools (www.b-resol.com bullying, bulimia, anorexia and conflict detection) and organisations (www.co-resol.com gender-discrimination, mobbing and conflict detection).
From 2016, I also act as the director of MPD – Modelo de Prevención de Delitos, S.L. (www.mpdd.es/en), a company that designs, produces and implements Compliance programs for companies in Spain, with a focus in criminal responsibility of legal entities in Spain and ethics in management (www.codigocompliance.com).
Besides, I am an early-stage private investor in companies founded by women.
After the elections of 18th July 2015, I joined the FC Barcelona board of directors as its Vice-Secretary. I am currently its Secretary (from February 2019), responsible for women’s soccer (from January 2018), President of its’ Ethics Comission (from September 2017) and, from January 2017, President of its’ Edelmira Calvetó Group which I joined in October 2015 and was created back in 2011 with the purpose of recovering the legacy of women in FC Barcelona’s history, claiming a role for women members of FCB, boosting the limelight of women in the club and reflecting on the role of women in sports. As a Director I am also in charge of Social Areas involving kids and seniors’ activities – such as the FCB Senate. I also represent the Club in the Barcelona Sports Council Women and Sport Working Group.
In October 2015 I was also appointed as a Vice-president and Secretary to the FC Barcelona Foundation positions I held until December 2017, when I assumed my new responsibilities in the sports area of the Club. The foundation is the legal entity through which FC Barcelona conveys its corporate social responsibility. The FC Barcelona Foundation, based on its experience in the field of
sport and values, proposes programs aimed at transmitting positive values to children and teenagers, which involves sporting activities as a mean to promote healthy development. The Foundation signed United Nation’s Global Compact in the summer of 2016 and is committed to work for the accomplishment of its Sustainable Development Goals.
Form May 2017, I am also a member of the Board of the United Nations Association in Spain.
From March 2018 to December 2019, I joined the 50a50 Association, which acts as a lobby to promote the full representation of women in all spheres of power in society, fostering and encouraging the participation of women, in equality, in the decision bodies of all organisations, to help design strategies to include more women at the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce elections.
From November, 2018, I am a member of the Board of the Compliance Section in the Barcelona Bar Association. Previously (between 2013 and 2016), I was a member of the board at its Information Technologies Section.

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