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Luke is a 16 year old brain computer interface and machine learning developer. He has a deep passion for understanding how the brain works and how to optimize cognition.

At 15, he was looking into how we could cure Alzheimer’s disease with iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells). He moved on to develop Object Detection and NLP (natural language processing) machine learning algorithms that could produce coherent sentence structures in the hopes of facilitating learning.

At 16, he found a passion for brain machine interfaces and pursued many non-invasive EEG based projects. He measured EEG response to different types of music during sleep, and optimized sound stimulation with ML to decrease sleep cycle latency. He also built a ML model that could detect depression based irregularities in EEG during the day, in the hopes of reducing the time it takes to diagnose depression by 90%. Over the summer, he worked at Mann Labs, a brain computer interface lab where he was building meta sensing (sensing your response to sensory stimulus) devices with a team of talented engineers out of UofT.

Today, he is actively looking into accelerating the process of sleep with transcranial stimulation. His objective is to reduce sleep by 3 hours while maintaining its positive benefits, hopefully reducing insomnia (which affects 30% of all people in North America). 

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