Jörg Poggenpohl

Jörg Poggenpohl


Global Head of Digital Marketing




Jörg Poggenpohl is Global Head of Digital Marketing BMW, BMW i and BMW M and held leadership roles in Marketing, Retail and Finance across the company.
Jörg is a digital native with a deep understanding of International Brand Management, Communications, Innovations and Technologies with stints in Spain and USA. As a visionary leader he is driving the digital transformation with a strong focus on customer centricity. At BMW Digital Marketing is understood as the data-driven triad of innovative technology, relevant content and HANDWERK such as SEO through all digital customer touchpoints. Jörg oversees all digital campaigns and channels such as the new bmw.com as the digital home of the brand. He established and is managing an agile and cross-functional working approach with the “Content Studio” Set Up including Data Analysts, Persona Manager, Channel Manager, Producer and Media Manager.
He earned a master’s degree in business administration from the University Münster with a major in Marketing. He wrote his master thesis about “The possibilities of the internet for selling software products” in 1996.

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