Jordan McClead

Jordan McClead


Google Privacy Lead




As a Privacy Lead at Google, Jordan covers Android, Pixels, Location, and other products. In his time there he’s built several privacy teams and reviewed products used by over a billion users. Jordan drives his product teams to incorporate privacy from the ground up, ensuring that they understand privacy as an engineering discipline rather than just a compliance exercise.

Jordan also teaches his fellow Googlers how to think about privacy through talks such as “Thinking Subversively About Your Product”, “Privacy From End to End”, and “Intro to Cryptography for People Who are Bad at Math (Like Me)”. When he’s not driving privacy-conscious product strategies or teaching people that privacy is a collaborative effort, he does ‘abuseability testing’ of new products.

A long-time device junkie, Jordan built his career on mobile technology: Before joining Google he provided guidance to OEMs such as HTC, Motorola, and Palm, and also sat on carrier advisory boards.

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