Eliott Jones

Eliott Jones






Eliott leads Biospectal’s strategic direction as well as product vision and execution. A digital innovator and startup veteran, Eliott is responsible for guiding high level strategy, market development, and product direction.

Eliott’s digital career started in the beginnings of the Web while working in the systems integration and strategic technology consulting industry. He was immediately captivated by the potential of this transformative new era of technology to enhance the human experience, and he has since remained on the forefront of exploring and applying new technology in the human context.

Eliott has held executive roles building digital innovation organizations and driving strategy, digital product design and development for major brands including Yahoo, Landor Associates/Young & Rubicam, Intuit, Logitech and Rambus. In addition to advising early stage startups, he is also a mentor in Colgate University’s Thought in Action Institute, helping young entrepreneurs to hone their business ideas and to bring their product visions to fruition.

Eliott holds a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies, Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard, where he also served as teaching faculty in design.

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