Dr Catherine Mulligan

Dr Catherine Mulligan


Research Fellow & Co-Director of the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering


Imperial College London


Cathy Mulligan is an expert in digitalisation covering technical, economic and policy applications of digital technologies. She is a Researcher at Imperial College and Co-Director of the ICL Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering. She also holds an Honorary Research position at University College London, where she is Chief Technology Officer of the GovTech Lab and DataNet, which focuses on the potential and application of blockchain, AI and advanced communications technologies as a foundational part of the world’s governments and economy. Cathy is an expert and fellow of the World Economic Forum’s Blockchain council and a member of the United Nations Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Digital Co-Operation. Prior to her academic career she spent 15 years in various technical roles in the telecommunications industry. She holds a PhD and MPhil from the University of Cambridge and is the author of seven books on telecommunications including EPC and IoT.


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