Cosimo Donati

Cosimo Donati






Cosimo Donati is CEO and Founder of Leva. The team is reinventing private equity and they have developed a novel technology to automate inefficient processes and make private equity investments more accessible. In the highly competitive fintech environment of Switzerland, Leva has been awarded as the most promising project of 2018.
With the unique smart syndicate structure, Cosimo found a way that allows venture capitalists and private equity firms to set-up compliant investment syndicates, raise money and execute transactions efficiently.
Prior to co-founding Leva, Cosimo gained working experience in various private equity funds and in investment banking. He holds a Double Masters Degree from the University of St. Gallen and from CEMS (magna cum laude), was awarded HSG Entrepreneurial Talent, and financed his studies with his first venture, which he expanded in Switzerland, Austria and The Netherlands.

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