Ben Gauthier

Ben Gauthier


Technology and Commerce Partner at Q Division


Ben Gauthier has 15 years of digital, IT, and application development experience across many industries including advertising, gaming, manufacturing and retail. As Vice President of Innovation and Technology at TPN, Ben leverages his current technical understanding while allowing for a culture of creativity and innovation to create new insights. Ben has completed retail technology implementations for McDonalds and Comcast. He has also developed leading edge brand engagements such as Alexa skills and Facebook bots for Clorox and Thomas English Muffins.

Rooted in a philosophy driven by curiosity and an empathetic view of the customer, Ben works to instill a collaborative mindset in team members by building a candid, open, and constructive environment. Ben has a wide variety of clients, internal and external, that he helps with digital transformation, opportunity assessment, and technology evaluations. He ensures all clients are aware of emerging technology and behaviors to spring them forward with a foundation of the most relevant solutions.


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