Ayumu Mitera

Ayumu Mitera




Mitsufuji Corporation


The wearable market has continued to expand rapidly around the world. Mitsufuji has been creating woven smart-wear products that contain silver-metalized fibers that has unbeatable conductivity properties. Once Ayumu realizes the fibers turn into sensors, he decided to combine the craftsmanship inherited from previous generations with his knowledge of leading IoT technology, and has developed an end-to-end solution using garments woven from the fibers to collect and transmit the wearer’s biometric data to the wearer’s smartphone and then to an analytics system in the cloud, which generates useful insight on the wearer’s health and other relevant data. Since the solution would be potential needs to support thousands of people worldwide, he has been reported in the media including TV, newspapers and magazines. He has won Forbes JAPAN’s SMALL GIANTS for Grand Prix and Cutting-Edge Award with its theme in 2018. He is believed to be the key person to make technical innovation to change the world for a better place.


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