Athina Kanioura

Athina Kanioura


Managing Director


Accenture Analytics


Athina is the Chief Data Scientist for Accenture Applied Intelligence. Athina specializes in data science, applied statistic and machine learning. Athina has 12+ years of practical experience in advanced statistical and econometric analysis, with both structured and unstructured data. During her career she has focused her expertise on a wide range of areas, including personalization; customer analytics; pricing; omnichannel optimization; enhancing marketing and communication effectiveness and content optimization.

Prior to moving into her current role, Athina Kanioura was the Lead for Accenture Interactive in Greece and the IGEM-Marketing Analytics Lead for Accenture. In those roles, she focused on trade merchandising, improving marketing / communication effectiveness and optimizing marketing mix budgets and customer analytics.

Athina holds a B.Sc in Maritime Economics from the University of Piraeus (Greece), a M.A in Economics and Finance from the University of Sheffield (UK), and a PhD in Macroeconomics and Econometrics from the University of Sheffield (UK).


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