Amy Williams

Amy Williams


CEO & Co-Founder




Amy Williams is the co-founder and CEO of UK-based Good-Loop. She is the winner of NBCUniversal’s annual startup innovation event ‘Spark Tank’ 2018 and of Nestle and Ad:tech’s ‘Next Big Thing’ award 2017, one of Forbes 30 under 30 Europe 2018, and a leading figure in ‘PhilTech’ – using technology to drive philanthropy.

Good-Loop uses what it calls an ‘ethical ad platform’ that rewards viewers of digital video ads by donating on their behalf to a chosen charity if they choose to watch the ad. It’s what Keith Weed, CMO at Unilever, has described as a ‘win-win’: not only do charities and the consumer benefit, but by using Good-Loop, brands also see 50-75% higher completed view rates (CVR) on their video ads, for no extra cost, while publishers benefit from premium, ethical formats which respect the user experience whilst delivering a 2 – 5x uplift on inventory yield.

Coming to a desktop or mobile screen near you soon, Good-Loop is disrupting the online advertising and media space, a global industry worth £23.7 billion and £5bn in the UK alone.

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