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Alishba is a 16-year-old Machine Learning and Blockchain innovator who is passionate about leveraging technology to solve important problems in healthcare, finance and our developing world.

She has worked on HonestBlocks alongside mentors from IBM, and Hyperledger which using Blockchain helps people in developing countries manage their healthcare data and track their products like counterfeit medicine. She was just recently named CES Young Innovator to Watch for this project. She's also developed various Machine Learning algorithms that are able to diagnose Pneumonia and Malaria through MRI images with a 90% efficiency which has received interest from companies like SingularityNET.

This summer Alishba interned at TD Bank working on a Digital Identity platform using AI & Blockchain to help more people easily get access to financial services like credit scores, and insurance accounts. She's also worked on various consulting projects with companies like Sidewalk Labs on affordable housing strategies. 

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