About this Short

As technology advances and becomes pervasive across society and communities, there has to be a concerted effort in ensuring that it is accessible to all, regardless of location or disability. With the onset of 5G, and quick advancement to handset technology, this discussion needs to be at the forefront of developers’ minds. Product design, accessibility and inclusion are certainly not nice to have, but a must. There must be a large emphasis placed on technology’s impact on society, people and culture, by making technology a fundamental part of individuals’ lives, whatever their circumstance. In fact, assistive technology for those with disabilities, and services to disenfranchised and underserved communities is a large promise with 5G and other technologies. Will these services, however, be available to all? Can the industry and associated sectors and verticals build an inclusive, competitively priced set of solutions for those in need? Or will technology build an insurmountable digital divide? Watch this short for an honest, provocative and direct discussion on the future of technology, and its role in bridging the digital divide.

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