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While the diversity and inclusion movement has irrefutably made some progress in the last few years, those affected have also faced some significant impediments to change. While marginalised and unfairly treated employees are now mobilising and speaking up, all too often, the perpetrators face inadequate repercussions for their actions. When a company pays lip service to diversity, but the message doesn't translate into organisational culture change, outcomes or the everyday experiences of individual employees may not improve. While organisations are now more accountable for diversity, there is evidence that a sense of fatigue has set in and progress has somewhat stalled. People are tired of talking about diversity and inclusion, frustrated by talk not turning into action, and overwhelmed by the number of issues. We can’t afford to let ‘diversity fatigue’ set in now. The future of the tech industry depends upon all of us. This session will provide hope for under-represented individuals and a series of inspiring case studies in workplace equality and authentic leadership.

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