Session Description

New digital services and solutions are racing to enter the market every day. This rapid growth increasingly calls for consumers to rely on their digital identities to validate and secure their accounts to bank online, transact with apps and interact with each other. But in this digital age, what is the true meaning of “identity?” Do consumers truly comprehend why and how they use their digital identities to access services? And which is the role of companies in this process of understanding, adopting and extending the use of digital identity?
1. Understanding Digital Identity Today
How do users perceive digital identity, how do they use it and what for? 
2. Convenience Battles Security
Digital identity users are still highly concerned about the safety of their data, but are willing to sacrifice some security for services that make their lives more convenient.
3. Old Habits: The Ties that Bind
Consumers cling to old habits they believe are more secure, like passwords or physical documents, instead of more secure technologies like biometrics. But is this changing in the light of growing cyberattacks and data breaches?
4. The Need for Education, Transparency, Trust
Which is the role of the companies in educating on what digital identity is? How can they contribute to build trust and, therefore, a more secure future?
5. Shaping the Future: 2020 Tendencies for Digital Identity
Blockchain, biometrics, sharing economies, in-home services... Where are we heading for?
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