Session Description

A look at the changing face of innovation for companies within the connected vehicle system. 
By 2025, connected vehicles are expected to be exchanging 10,000 times the volume of data per month (10 exabytes) than they do today. Aggregated into data centers, this increased data volume will cause network congestion that degrades the user experience of connected vehicles.
To drive the evolution of future services in the automotive industry, further actions are needed. The auto industry will continue to use a mix of cellular access network technologies for the foreseeable future that will not be solved by the 5G cellular system’s improved functionality.
The AECC presentations will examine what’s needed in 2020 and beyond to solve the need for new network architectures and computing infrastructure. The talk will examine the challenges and potential solutions required to support massive computing resources and topology-aware storage capacity for balancing quality, security and cost.
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