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Headless Commerce is all the rage right now in digital commerce and with good reason. Telecom providers, consumer brands, B2B organizations are growing tired of the repetitive cycle of redesigning and replatforming every three to four years. Headless Commerce helps to liberate these organizations from the shackles of legacy e-commerce platforms so they can quickly innovate with unmatched digital freedom to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.
Companies who embrace headless know that if they want to differentiate with market-leading experiences, engagement and services they must transform with a platform that can easily support all of their digital ambitions.
Elastic Path’s headless commerce solution is decoupled, freeing the front-end from the back-end, allowing organizations to power customer experiences with best-of-breed content and experience management tools that are purpose-built to enable user experiences across a quickly growing set of interfaces and touchpoints. Headless commerce provides future-proof flexibility and creativity as business users can innovate customer experiences the way they want, without requiring backend developers. This allows IT teams to focus on key areas like system security, availability, and auditability. Leaving the underlying code untouched ensures a stable platform that can be easily upgraded in the future. And when a new front-end technology arrives, the impact of experimenting on it has minimal effect on the entire system.
Swisscom and T-Mobile know this first-hand. Find out how Headless Commerce unleashed their digital transformation, inspired their creative innovation and empowered their organizations with the freedom to move faster and pivot more quickly than any of their competitors.
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