Striking a Balance in the Age of Digital Distraction

Digital Wellness

Date & Time

Monday, 25 Feb

16:00 - 16:45


Hall 4 - Auditorium 3


Digital Wellness is a relatively new concept that examines our relationship with the online world and its effect on our physical and mental wellbeing. A world where devices and connectivity are almost ubiquitous allows us access to a host of services and information at a level that was previously imaginable. But it also has significant implications for our mental and physical health. Apps are designed to grab and keep our attention, causing us to check our phones up to 200 times per day (TechMark) and a recent survey found that 46% of us “could not live without our smartphones.” (Pew Research Center) Children and teenagers are even more susceptible to device addiction, as well as the potentially harmful impacts of social media. This begs the question, where does the responsibility for our increased usage lie? Some device manufacturers and social media platforms have recently taken steps to curb our usage, introducing features like screen-time monitoring and the introduction of “holiday mode.” But does this go far enough and are they really addressing the issue? Have we lost sight of connecting with people in a meaningful way? How can we strike a balance in our ever-on, digital world?

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