Session Description

The GSMA forecasts that IoT revenue will surge to more than $1.1 trillion by 2025. Still, many organisations are unsure of how to successfully execute their IoT implementation. Failure to account for project complexity, network security, and endpoint lifecycle management means many companies will end up one of the 66% of organisations who feel IoT solution execution is more difficult than they originally expected. The benefits of implementing an IoT solution, however, far outweigh the challenges you may face along the way…
In the first of our two sofa sessions, we provide strategies for incorporating security by design at the outset of a project, deliver insights for architecting a security policy that safeguards all layers of the IoT stack, and discuss solutions that help meticulously monitor each device. 
The second of our sofa sessions takes a look into the state of eSIM as a way to future-proof your IoT deployments and also lays out actionable next-steps for fast-tracking eSIM deployments whilst keeping current security controls and compliance in mind.
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