Intersection of AI + Blockchain


Date & Time

Thursday, 28 Feb

14:30 - 15:30


Hall 4 - Auditorium 4


An extremely powerful combination of transformative technologies, the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain is an exciting yet complex new realm to be explored. It is interesting to observe the ways in which Blockchain can be used to overcome many of AI's shortcomings, in particular to create decentralized AI marketplaces. This will be key in enabling people to comfortably share their personally identifiable information with the confidence that it will remain secure and private, therefore increasing the reach of AI. Additionally, by having a clear audit trail of the data used in the machine decision process, Blockchain can help to improve explainability, increasing transparency and trust in the AI black-box. This session will deliver clarity on the opportunities at the intersection of AI and Blockchain, providing a vision for how this combination of technologies could potentially be used to great effect by the mobile industry.

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