If 5G is King, then Energy is Queen and she wears the trousersVertiv

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Industry 4.0

Date & Time

Wednesday, 27 Feb

17:15 - 17:45


Hall 8.0 - NEXTech Theatre E


Nobody argues that 5G will require transformation and challenge on both external business and internal operations producing almost limitless user benefits.    However, as with most technology advances, there is typically a cost or compromise.  In 5G’s case, the cost is a potential doubling of energy costs for the operator’s mobile access infrastructure while they simultaneously grapple to take advantage of the new business opportunities 5G brings them.  Set against the geopolitical mood of carbon reduction and the daunting task of replacing legacy network architecture, akin to performing heart surgery on a patient doing a marathon, it is an investment that needs to pay off. Critical to the operator’s success is how they approach their network at all levels, from access, to edge, to core, as it relates to the infrastructure that will support it.  Network infrastructure comprises 90% of the total energy bill, so a dramatic rise in costs is an unacceptable compromise in a margin tight business.  Right-sizing and optimising critical infrastructure and architecture will enable the business potential of the operator.  Eric shares his view from the bridge on infrastructure readiness for 5G and edge, new efficiency opportunities, challenges to get there, and available solutions.

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