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How to on smart conference success methods, AI-based voice broadcasting, and automated meeting text scripts. Connect with new experiences and digital paradigms.

Existing solutions for international conferences use wireless receivers to provide simultaneous interpretation in conference forums. The inconvenience of returning the collection, the hassle of managing and recharging the device, and most of all, no record is left.

Without the receiver and without the app installed, you can smartly use voice sharing on your smartphone and live locally. We have been developing for two and a half years and have made commercialization standalone. Wherever you are in the conference room you can hear the best voice and it is clean with the earset of your smartphone. All languages are translated into several languages and displayed together on the smartphone screen (Spanish French German English Korean)

All records are displayed and stored as digital data on your smartphone and leave big data via email.

It offers a new experience that has never been seen before.

Smart conferences and smart cultural tourism museums will be actively used in museum exhibition galleries. Increase attendee satisfaction, save money and save time while ensuring successful business and sales.

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