Session Description

Following the success of the first edition of GUTMA’s Connected Skies conference in Portland (OR), this follow-on event will congregate decisionmakers and influencers from the telecommunication and unmanned aviation industries.
The goal of the conference is to strengthen the bridge between telcos and aviators. Namely, inviting a 150 visionaries and doers from these sectors to articulate common business opportunities and deliverables. Connected Skies also aims to cross-pollinate these two industries and channel the drive of manned and unmanned aviation into a consensual direction.
At the end of the event, participants in both sectors should be able to provide concrete answers to the following question: “How can the telecommunication industry contribute to the safe, secure, and efficient integration of new unmanned aircraft and operators into the airspace?”
The event is designed to foster learning opportunities, candid discussions, and collaboration between participants. The day is dedicated to explaining key trends and concepts of NextGen telecommunication and unmanned aviation at an appropriate management level.
In line with GUTMA’s mission, talks will focus on globally inter-operable services, including a wide range of international solutions and standards. Participation does not require any previous knowledge of aviation or telecommunication concepts. However, some talks will be technical in nature.
Registration includes free Wi-Fi, coffee/tea breaks, networking lunch and tapas, and a social event in Barcelona after the event.
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