Session Description

The North-Eastern region of Europe, consisting of the Nordics, the Baltics, and Poland has been making strides towards making cross-border collaboration a reality. 
In this session, a focus will be placed on the political decisiveness necessary to make cross-border collaboration possible, the use cases that are already in development, as well as demonstrations of never-before-seen cross-border technologies in action. 
Join this session to get an exclusive peek into the inner workings of how one region is driving technology forward using three key aspects:
Decision maker collaboration on policy
Use case development
Some of the many opportunities that cross-border collaboration offers:
Connected smart highways
International drone flights
International documentation sharing
And more
The “last frontier” has been named as many distant, unknown borders – space, the deep ocean, the far North. But the surprising borders that we're still finding it difficult to deal with at a mobile technology level are far closer to home – they're the ones between our countries. 
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