CEO Keynote: Where 5G Meets the EdgeVertiv

Partner Programmes
Industry 4.0

Date & Time

Wednesday, 27 Feb

15:10 - 15:30


Hall 8.0 - NEXTech Theatre E


The challenge the telecom industry faces as it enters the 5G era is identifying the use cases that are best suited to benefit from 5G in the short term. That means use cases that demand the reduced latency and increased bandwidth 5G delivers, and have the potential to quickly or deeply impact society and business. As a global leader in critical infrastructure, Vertiv has performed significant research into edge computing to support the development of edge infrastructure solutions, including those used in telecom sites. We evaluated more than 100 current and emerging edge use cases and conducted an in-depth analysis of the 24 most impactful to identify commonalities that could simplify infrastructure development and deployment. This led to the identification of four edge archetypes that bring clarity to the complex edge landscape. These archetypes are characterized primarily by their bandwidth and latency requirements—both key drivers of 5G.

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