AI in Advertising


Date & Time

Wednesday, 27 Feb

11:30 - 12:30


Hall 4 - Auditorium 5


Brands are under more pressure than ever to deliver advertising that is relevant, contextual, and personalised to individual consumer preferences. According to Martin Chow, VP Marketing at Google, ‘AI and machine learning could get us closer to of one of advertising’s most-sought goals: relevance at scale.’ Already, we are seeing numerous examples of high profile brands experimenting with AI in ever more creative ways that allude to the scope of its potential utility. For example, Lexus recently worked with IBM Watson to release the first AI scripted advert. One of the most important use cases for AI in the digital advertising space may be to enable brands and retailers to reduce ad fraud. Additionally, AI-powered advertising platforms can leverage machine learning capabilities to optimise ad campaigns mid-cycle. This pragmatic session will debate some of the most powerful use cases for AI in advertising, featuring some of the most renowned marketing thought-leaders.

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