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Autonomous driving technology is now a reality. If forecasts hold true, autonomous vehicles (AVs) operating as taxi fleets without human safety drivers could be in widespread use in cities around the world by 2030. Cities such as London, Shanghai, Pittsburgh and San Francisco all have test fleets of autonomous light passenger vehicles in operation (WEF), not without raising eyebrows and concerns from sceptical residents who have shown near zero tolerance for any accidents caused in the process. Self-driving cars have the potential to save millions of lives, reduce carbon emissions, give back billions of hours of time and restore freedom of movement. (GM Cruise). With significantly lower running costs than that of a vehicle with driver (estimated at between 44% and 61% lower for journeys between 10 and 20 km), autonomous transport offers a critical lifeline to our acutely congested cities. This expert-led session will highlight all the most important recent developments in autonomous driving.

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