AI at the Edge vs in the Cloud


Date & Time

Wednesday, 27 Feb

16:00 - 17:00


Hall 4 - Auditorium 5


Cloud computing has a fundamental role to play in the proliferation and scaling of AI platforms. Indeed, a symbiotic relationship can be seen to exist between the two technologies. IBM states that the fusion of AI and cloud computing “promises to be both a source of innovation and a means to accelerate change.” However, while cloud can provide AI with access to the data it needs and vice versa, latency is limiting in settings where connectivity is sparse or non-present, especially where operations need to be performed in real-time and milliseconds matter. With this in mind, companies are now experimenting with concepts and technologies that will bring artificial intelligence closer to the edge. According to ABI Research, shipments of devices with edge AI capabilities will grow fifteen fold by 2023, to 1.2 billion units. The share of AI tasks that take place on edge devices instead of in the cloud will grow more than sevenfold, from 6% in 2017 to 43% in 2023. This session will debate the prospects and use cases for AI at the edge vs in the cloud, offering vital insight for operators who are developing implementation models.

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