5G & NFV Tour

Topic Tours

Date & Time

Tuesday, 26 Feb

14:30 - 17:30


South Entrance


The 5G and Virtualised Network Tour Topic Tours are €75 each. Registration is open to all Congress Attendees. Pre-purchased Tours have priority. *NEW Gold and Silver Pass Holders receive 1st Topic Tour Free. First come first serve! Take an interactive tour on how virtualised networks and next-generation wireless applications come together. Gain insight into the technologies paving the way towards 5G from key leaders across the new and open ecosystem. Learn the status and impact of SDN and NFV, the initial use cases on the journey towards virtual realisation, as well as the technology requirements currently in consideration for next generation networks. *Other 5G & NFV Tours - Date/Times: Topic Tours MON: 15:00 TUES: 10:30 WED: 10:00 & 14:00 THUR: 11:45


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