35% Discount Authorisation for MWC registered attendees travelling to and from Barcelona from June 26th to July 3rd 2021

26th to July 3rd 2021

How to purchase your train tickets with the exclusive authorization code:

1. Go to RENFE booking site www.renfe.com

2. Enter your departure and destination cities, as well as the dates of travel

3. On the train list page, select options marked as Flexible Tariff (or ‘Flexi’ fares which are marked with an ‘F’ in a square

4. At the next screen, select “Congresos y Eventos” from the list of options

5. Enter the MWC authorization code provided in the Authorisation Number field (important: not the discount code field)

6. The authorization code number is 352102116

7. Click the button to recalculate the price of the tickets, and the discounted price will appear

8. Finalise your purchase

9. If you have any issues while purchasing your tickets, please contact Renfe´s customer care [email protected]

Telephone> 919 190 505

Download discount voucher