About this Award

25 years ago, no one could comprehend the power of the mobile phone and the true power of connectivity.

Not just in processing speed, power and size, like the fact that the processing power of the Computer that placed humankind on the moon (the Apollo Guidance Computer) is now equivalent to a pair of Nintendo consoles! But how the mobile phone has changed people and our relationship with one another.

The 25 Years of Connecting People Award, introduced in 2020 to honor 25 Years of the Global Mobile Awards, recognizes the early pioneer, on whose shoulders the digital industry now stands on.
This discretionary award is a personal honour for the recipient who is chosen by the Global Mobile Award 2020 Judges and verified by the GSMA Board.

The category is NOT open for entry.

Previous Winners:

New award for 2020

Judging Process:

All 2020 GLOMO Judges are requested to submit the name of One Individual who should be recognized as the winner of the 25 Years of Connecting People Award

The top 5 popular names will be put to the GSMA Board for a vote

The winner will be invited to join us at MWC Barcelona

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