About this Award

Today, we find ourselves in an era of unprecedented change. Transformative advances in technology are having a profound effect on society, politics and business around the world. We are on the cusp of even greater change as intelligent connectivity, powered by 5G networks becomes a reality and billions of people, machines and sensors work together to deliver radical new capabilities, business models and benefits to society.

It is an age of huge opportunity, but also of uncertainty, risk and disorientation. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution in the age of digitisation, ensuring a culture of consumer trust is fundamental across every industry sector. Companies must respect the privacy of digital citizens, handle personal data securely and transparently, take meaningful steps to mitigate cyber threats and ensure everyone can participate in the digital economy as it develops; whilst combatting online harassment.

This award is related to the GSMA Digital Declaration Principles, and reflects the importance of acting to turn uncertainty into opportunity for everyone around the world by working to build trust with all individuals by:

  1. Building consumer trust through data and privacy protection.
  2. Fostering inclusiveness, extending connectivity and technology, but also creating digital inclusion opportunities for all.
  3. Ensuring the policy, business and investment environment are shaped to encourage innovation and impact.

This award is only open to organisations that have signed the GSMA Digital Declarations Principles. To become a signatory of the Digital Declaration Principles and find out more information please visit https://www.digitaldeclaration.com/.

It is free to become a signatory of the GSMA Digital Declaration Principles.

2019 Winner

New award to 2020

Judging Questions

On the entry form, in addition to submitting contact and company information, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

Non-marked Questions

  1. What is the name of your entry? Please note the name given here will be used in all awards materials and publicity.
  2. Is this a joint entry? If so, who are the partnering organisations?
  3. Please confirm this product was deployed and/or in “live” service during 2019 – (Y/N)
  4. Please confirm your product/initiative leverages 2G/3G/4G/5G connectivity (Y/N)
  5. Please confirm that your organisation is a signatory of the GSMA Digital Declaration (Y/N)

Please answer the above in approximately 25 words per question.

Marked questions

  1. How does your solution address the Digital Declaration Principles? Tell us about the Principles you are looking to address, the geography and the social or economic impact of the solution
  2. How do you ensure your solution is building trust in the digital age, with consumers and/or policy makers? What results have you seen from the implementation of your solution? We’re looking for both quantitative and qualitative measurable evidence of success.
  3. How is your solution unique and truly innovative compared to other solutions on the market?
  4. How scalable is the solution and what is your vision for sustainable future growth?

Please answer the above in approximately 250 words per question.

You can also submit a URL link to supporting material.

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