About This Category

For the Most Innovative Mobile App Award, we are seeking genuine technical, commercial or business model innovation in a mobile app that benefits consumer or enterprise users with unprecedented new functionality, features, content, use cases, accessibility value or convenience.

This award recognises developers that are moving the app experience and market to the next level in terms of technology and business model leadership. Areas include: AI, modular design or creative UIs, augmented reality, social media integration, innovative new thinking for the cloud, new commerce solutions, the use of device functionality such as sensors, VR, AR, UHD or 360˚ cameras, task oriented apps, apps that serve and drive the Internet of Things or unlock compelling new mobile based capabilities for users.

The App in question could be new. We don’t necessarily need to see uptake in the market. We want our judges to spot the trending App before it trends. Innovation, the potential for longevity and a balanced business plan are the highest -ranking aspects we are looking for.

2019 Winner

SK Telecom for T Map for Ultimate Driving Safety


On the entry form, in addition to submitting contact and company information, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

Non-marked Questions

  1. What is the name of your entry? Please note the name given here will be used in all awards materials and publicity.
  2. Is this a joint entry? If so, who are the partnering organisations?
  3. Please confirm this product was deployed and/or in “live” service during 2019 – (Y/N)
  4. Please confirm your product/initiative leverages 2G/3G/4G/5G connectivity (Y/N)
  5. Please provide a short description of the app (approx. 250 words)
  6. Please provide a link to where the app can be downloaded from one of the major app stores
  7. If the service is paid for, please provide a free access or redemption code
  8. Please provide a link to a video about the service on YouTube, Vimeo or another public video platform
  9. Please provide a website link for the app

Marked Scores
Rather than scoring answers to questions given by entrants, we will ask judges to score the app/service against the set criteria below, based on their existing knowledge of the service/app and their experience of downloading and using it. Judges will mark the following out of 10:

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