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The Overall Mobile Technology winner will stand as the ‘supreme’ champion of mobile technology for 2020 and as such, be recognised with this special achievement.

Our panel of distinguished industry experts (comprised of more than 20 CTOs, from every continent) select the overall technology winner from the eight best ‘Mobile Tech’ in 2020 award winners.

Entries are not required for this award (see below)

2019 Winner

Athonet for Athonet BubbleCloud


The process is as follows: The winner from each of our eight Mobile Tech awards (shown below) will be put before our panel of CTO judges to select what, in their opinion, is the Outstanding Mobile Technology Award winner for 2020.

  1. Best Mobile Network Infrastructure
  2. Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough (Companies over $10million Annual Global Revenue)
  3. Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough (Companies under $10million Annual Global Revenue)
  4. Best Network Software Breakthrough (Companies over $10million Annual Global Revenue)
  5. Best Network Software Breakthrough (Companies under $10million Annual Global Revenue)
  6. Best Mobile Authentication & Security Solution
  7. 5G Leadership Award
  8. 5G Industry Partnership Award

Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking at how well entries meet the following key criteria:

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