About this Category:

This award will recognise the best use of technology to safeguard customers’ personal data and/or help network operators and service providers’ combat fraudulent access to networks.

This applies to products and solutions deployed on the full range of the mobile (or cellular) networks and services. We are looking here for network based products and solutions that protect customers and/or networks against fraud, hacking and cyber-attacks.

This award is open to all organisations that provide mobile products, devices, services, solutions and applications to combat fraud and protect security utilising mobile connectivity.

2019 Winner

Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite (Nok Nok S3 Suite)


On the entry form, in addition to submitting contact and company information, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

Non-marked Questions

  1. What is the name of your entry? Please note the name given here will be used in all awards materials and publicity.
  2. Is this a joint entry? If so, who are the partnering organisations?
  3. Please confirm this product was deployed and/or in “live” service during 2019 – (Y/N)
  4. Please confirm your product/initiative leverages 2G/3G/4G/5G connectivity (Y/N)
  5. Is this product or service is a new release or update to an existing version? – (Y/N) Please note that it is only the new release enhanced features or functions that the judges will consider in their analysis.
  6. Please describe the nature of the entry, the challenge it addresses and the user proposition (approx. 100 words)

Marked questions

  1. How and to what extent does your technology protect, enhance or safeguard customers or service providers of mobile services?
  2. Give evidence of the market success or take up rate of your technology
  3. Please describe what is unique, new or innovative about your technology
  4. Does your technology allow the user to personalise and customise their services to protect their preferred usage in services? Alternatively, how easy is it for a service provider to implement the solution if it is a network protection solution?
  5. Please describe what steps have been taken to ensure the security, robustness and interoperability of your product or service
  6. In what ways will the end user or the service provider feel more secure after using your product and service and how do you believe this will increase use of mobile services?
  7. Explain the business case for network operators or the value proposition to end users if the solution is related directly to customers

Please answer the above in approximately 250 words per question.

You can also submit a URL link to supporting material.

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