Vasco Electronics for Vasco Mini2

4d. Best Connected Consumer Device

Vasco Mini 2 is a voice translator that comes with free and unlimited internet access in 150+ countries. It was designed to help people communicate around the world in over 50 languages with 96% translation accuracy and perfect native speaker-like pronunciation. It was designed to bring down all language barriers. With Vasco Mini 2, the conversation flows and life is easy.

It has a precise microphone with noise reduction so people can use it in any condition. Mini 2 stands out from its competitor also because of its intuitive and simple interface with 2” touchscreen, solid casing and comfortable buttons.

Judges Comments

“Smart, specific product that understands its niche target market – this company has kept it simple and concentrated on making it work well, which are good working principles.”



4d. Best Connected Consumer Device

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