Turkcell for BiP Translate

2c. Most Innovative Mobile App

BiP is downloaded more than 42 million times in all around the world, and has 13 Million active users. As BiP, which is actively used in 192 countries, became the communication and living application with its calling, messagind and discovering features. We wanted to make international uninterrupted communication in any language and for any nation, we launched a simultaneous translation feature to eliminate any communication problems from language variations. BiP Translate feature automatically translates 106 different languages during chat and enables us, those who live in the age of technology to chat easily anytime, anywhere with anyone from any nation.

Judges Comments

“This is practical, simple, easy to use and really effective, demonstrating significant user traction and very high scoring user reviews.”



2c. Most Innovative Online App

Jack Kent

IHS Technology

Senior Principal Analyst

Michael Azoff


Principal Analyst

Andrew Fassnidge

Apps Africa


Nuno Gonçalves Pedro

Strive Capital


Peter Richardson



Steven Ambrose

Strategy Worx


Victoria Hernandez

Go Beyond

Deal leader

Ian Ginn

IGF Consulting


Jim Cook

Nymbl Science

Co Founder

Ken Blakeslee

WebMobility Ventures



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