SK Telecom for Smart Fleet: Data Analytics Platform for Intelligent Mobility

3c. Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive

SK Telecom launched Smart Fleet, a mobility data analytics platform, to improve safety and convenience on roads and public transportation systems. The platform provides highly accurate real-time and predictive traffic data and V2X event data to prevent traffic accidents and alleviate congestion on public transportation. By accessing real-time data of traffic, accidents and crowd congestion, both B2C and B2B clients can perform integrated and optimized route planning for multimodal transportation. The platform can also be utilized for dispatch optimization for logistics and shared car applications.

Judges Comments

“Interesting and advanced open platform data initiative to fight very real challenges.”



3c. Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive

Scott J. McCormick

Connected Vehicle Trade Association


Dominique Bonte

ABI Research

Managing Director

Martin Svegander

Berg Insight

IoT/M2M Analyst

Magnus Melander


IoT Advisor

Zeina Nazer

ITS Arab

Secretary General


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