SK Telecom for Driving Assistance Solution for hearing-impaired taxi driver

5c. Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility & Inclusion

Jointly developed by SK Telecom and CO:ACTUS, Driving Assistance Solution for hearing-impaired taxi driver provides communication solutions and safety features. SK Telecom implemented specialized features for the drivers on ‘T map Taxi’ passenger and driver app. When passenger calls a taxi through this app and assigned with a taxi driven by hearing-impaired drivers, passenger gets a pop-up notice. SK Telecom also developed the world’s first ADAS for hearing-impaired drivers, sending warning signals with vibration through a smartwatch. CO:ACTUS developed an inside-taxi communication solution, GOYOHAN which enables formatted conversation and allows passenger to communicate through tablet touchpad, voice recognition and keyboard.

Judges Comments

“A thoroughly thought-out solution and an innovative application of mobile technologies that is fully tailored to the needs of its user community, deaf taxi drivers, with measurable socio-economic benefits.”



5c. Best Mobile Innovation for Accessibility & Inclusion

Josef Scarantino


Board member

Ian Hamilton

Game Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility specialist & advocate

Nigar Evgin


General Director

Sarah Lewthwaite

University of Southampton

Research Fellow

Robin Christopherson

Ability Net

Founding Member

Reza Jafari

UN Broadband Commission


Meher Anand Kasam


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