SK Telecom for 5G Smart Mobility Hub Project for Seoul

1h. 5G Industry Partnership Award

SK Telecom ‘s 5G Smart Mobility Hub Project for the Seoul Metropolitan Government, jointly developed with Samsung Electronics and Harman International, aims to transform Seoul as the world’s first city with 5G and Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems(C-ITS)-based autonomous driving infrastructure. Its goal is to improve road safety, traffic efficiency and driving experience through real-time communication among vehicles, infrastructure and road users. The real-time road and traffic data supported by 5G network and HD maps will provide accurate road situations to the vehicles, which includes public transportation. Also, real-time alerts will warn drivers of the possible danger around them.



1h. 5G Industry Partnership Award

Nancee Ruzicka

ICT Intuition


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Kaleido Research

Chief of Strategy & Insights

Anil Rao

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Lead Analyst

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