KT for Global Epidemic Prevention Platform

5f. Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs


GEPP uses telecommunications big data to prevent, detect and respond to infectious diseases before they spread. The worldwide socio-economic damage caused by the 6 Emerging Infectious Diseases(SARSㆍswine fluㆍavian influenzaㆍ MERSㆍZika virus) that broke out after 2000 is estimated at USD 800bn. Accordingly, responding to quell the infectious disease spread in advance alone can save enormous economic expense. GEPP was designed to prevent the spread of epidemic outbreaks; using it creates a society safe from infectious disease for everyone and contributes to minimizing the related socioeconomic loss.

Judges Comments

“A well-designed vital tool for global public health – this approach and ecosystem cooperation has resulted in developing an extraordinary solution.”



5f. Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs

Reza Jafari

UN Broadband Commission


Sam Baker



Dr Mike Short CBE

Department for International Trade

Chief Scientific Adviser

Dr Cristian Birzer

University of Adelaide

Head of Humanitarian Technology

Jane Vincent

London School of Economics


Laureen Cook


Executive TMT Advisor


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