Huawei for Atlas 900 AI Cluster – The Pinnacle of AI Compute for Future Inclusion

3h. Tech of the Future Award

Huawei Atlas 900 is the world’s fastest AI training cluster. It’s a powerhouse combining thousands of Huawei Ascend 910 AI processors. It takes only 59.8s to complete model training based on ResNet-50, 15% faster than the next-best product. It provides a 100 TB/s fully-meshed parameter synchronization network and includes a hybrid liquid cooling system capable of 50kW heat dissipation per rack, saving equipment room space by 79%. Standing as the pinnacle of AI compute, Atlas 900 will unleash huge potentials in different fields of business innovation and scientific researches, including autonomous driving, smart city, smart manufacturing, astronomical and oil exploration, etc.

Judges Comments

“This entry created a platform for progress across a wide array of applications in the mobile industry and beyond, leveraging the latest technology to deliver incredible speed and performance with a minimal carbon footprint.”



3h. Tech of the Future Award

Tom Cheesewright

Applied Futurist


Lydia Caldana


Foresight Strategist

Andrew Grill

Practical Futurist


Ryan Martin

ABI Research

Research Director

Ken Blakeslee

WebMobility Ventures



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